We at the City of Taylor and Taylor TV 10 are working to insure that our programming keeps you in touch with your community.  We will be working to provide video of council meetings, other advisory board meetings, information from the City Manager and many other features!

We are currently broadcasting City of Taylor Council Meetings (beginning the Saturday after the Council Meeting occured) at 6:00 PM and 10:00 PM daily.  Council meetings may be viewed LIVE here. Archived Council Meetings may also be viewed at the above link.


9:00 AM - shows from Texas Parks and Wildlife

3:00 PM -  features from NASA TV

5:00 PM -  briefs from ICMA or other civic educational shows

6:00 PM -  most recent council meeting

10:00 PM - most recent council meeting

Programming Suggestions? 
If you have a suggestion of content for Taylor TV 10, please let us know!  We plan many interesting and informative features for the future as we develop our media department.

Feel free to email us!